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15 January (Wed)

A paper ‘Peculiar temperature dependence of dynamical sound speed in liquid Se50Te50 by inelastic x-ray scattering’ is accepted to publish in Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter. Prof. Inui of Hiroshima University found a peculiar behavior in the temperature dependence of phonon dispersions in liquid Se50Te50 by inelastic X-ray scattering experiments.

12 January (Sun)

A poster presentations on ‘Structural investigation on a rejuvenation effect by thermal distortion by anomalous x-ray scattering’ carried out at 33th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Synchrotron Radiation Research.

11 January (Sat)

An oral presentations on ‘Valence-selective local structures on Fe3O4 magnetite mixed valence material by x-ray fluorescence holography’ carried out at 33th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Synchrotron Radiation Research held at Nagoya City on 10th-12th of January.

10 January (Fri)

A review paper ‘Local- and intermediate-range structures on ordinal and exotic phase-change materials by anomalous x-ray scattering’ is published in Analytical Sciences 36, 5-16 (2020). Amorphous structures of typical phase change materials studied by anomalous x-ray scattering is reviewed. This article is selected as one of Hot Articles of this journal.

5 January (Sat)

A happy new year. SH visit Jens who is employed at Hiroshima University, to discuss the experiments and publications.



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